Energy efficient home appliances are worth the investment

With the major retailers announcing an increase of a whopping 20% to their energy prices in July this year, it’s time to look at how we can try and keep some of that extra cash in our pockets, and not the pockets of our energy suppliers. Home appliances in Australia account for up to 33%

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Refrigerator problems in hot weather

Hot air temperatures can have an adverse affect on refrigerators during the summer months. The increased air temperature means your refrigerator has to work a lot harder to keep your food cool and fresh. Here are a few simple things you can do to avoid problems. Keep the refrigerator clean. Move it out from its

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Noisy Washing Machine

If you have a noisy washing machine there can be a number of things causing the problem. The best advice is to call in your local appliance repair technician to diagnose the fault, as left unattended other problems may occur leading to a far more serious repair. Let’s explore some of the possible reasons The most common

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