noisy washing machine

Do you have a noisy washing machine?

Washing isn’t the most pleasant of chores at the best of time however if you have a noisy washing machine it can sound like it is about to explode.

This can make the task of doing the laundry even more unenjoyable, especially if you have to endure the noise load after load!

Reasons your washing machine could be noisy:

  • Wonky feet. The feet of your washing machine should be level and firmly sitting on the floor. If they are wonky, the nuts may need tightening. This simple fix could rectify a heap of problems that could be contributing to the noise of your washing machine due to being unbalanced.
  • Unbalanced loads. Clunk clunk clunk – sound familiar? Heavy items such as towels or bedding can cause problems if washed alone. They can tend to stick to one side of the drum as they absorb water, which makes the load unbalanced, and the spin very loud and clunky. Try to wash heavy items together so that the drum is balanced out.
  • An unidentified item. If something has come loose in your washer, such as a buckle or a button, it could be banging around in the drum and making a racket. Be sure to check pockets before washing and also the drum at the end of a cycle to see if anything has come loose.
  • Faulty parts. Your washing machine has many parts; belts, pulleys, pumps, motors, bearings. Over time these parts can be subjected to wear and tear from everyday use. If any part of the machine is faulty it can make for an extremely noisy spin cycle and it likely won’t be long until the machine fails.

Try running the machine on an empty cycle to see if the noise is due to the machine itself or possibly a specific laundry load (such as heavy items). Try to take note of which part of the cycle the noise occurs as this may help a professional determine what the issue is later.

If there isn’t anything noticeably wrong but your washing machine is making a racket it’s time to call a professional such as Bayside Appliance Repairs.

It could be that a complicated part needs replacing or something as simple as a screw that needs tightening!


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