appliance is over 5 years old

If my appliance is over 5 years old is it worth fixing?

Our appliances get used almost daily so there’s no wonder that they occasionally break down or start showing signs of wear and tear. For appliance over 5 years old it’s important to know when it is more economical to repair or when it’s time to replace!

How long should appliances last?

Washers & dryers

Washing and drying appliances should last upwards of 10 years. However this will of course depend on how often they are used. A large family doing laundry daily will put more wear and tear on their machines than a single person or a couple doing laundry once a week.


Seals, racks and pumps can be relatively inexpensive to repair, but if your dishwasher is approaching 5 years old and an electrical fault crops up, it is time to replace. Electrical repairs are expensive and the cost of repairing is often comparable to replacing the appliance entirely with a new version, which will be under warranty.


Generally fridges should last between 5-10 years in good working order. Budget fridges will be at the 5-year end of that lifespan, and as they get more high end and expensive they should last significantly longer.

Repairs such as damaged door seals or faulty thermostats are relatively inexpensive but if your fridge is over 5 years old and goes kaput it’s time to consider replacing. Repairing fridges can get expensive especially when compressors are involved and you if you have to repair more than once you could soon be on your way to spending the same amount on repairs that you could have purchased a new model under warranty for.

Some general rules of thumb when it comes to appliance repairs:

  • If there are safety concerns, it’s time to replace
  • If the appliance is going to cost more than 50% of the cost of a new one, consider replacing it instead of repairing
  • If your appliance is over 5 years old and closer to 10 then consider the cost of repair vs. the cost of a new appliance.

Remember, older appliances generally aren’t as energy efficient as their newer counterparts; therefore although it might seem like a costly exercise to repair them completely, they will likely be costing you more money than a newer model would in energy bills which will add up over the months and years.





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