washing machine buying guide

Washing machine buying guide

No household has the same laundry requirements. If you’re looking to buy a washing machine, it’s important to know your needs and what kind of machines are out there. That’s why we’ve written this washing machine buying guide on everything you need to know before making the big purchase!

1. Measure your space

There are many different shapes and sizes of washing machines on the market. When purchasing one, make sure that it’s going to fit into your space. This is particularly important if you want a built-in machine. Make sure that you measure from top to bottom and side to side. Be aware of how much space the door will take up, as well as how tall the machine is.

2. Think about load capacity 

Washing machine size is based on how many loads you are going to wash. Although most models come with a capacity of around 30 to 60 litres, this won’t be enough for most households. If you are a family of four, you will need at least a capacity of 80-100 litres at the very least. A higher capacity also means that you won’t have to do any batch washing after each load.

3. Semi-automatic or fully automatic? 

Most washing machines come with one or the other. Semi-automatic models are suitable for a family of four, as they can handle up to three loads of washing per day. Fully-automatic machines will be able to do more and could be suitable for a family of five, who wash one large load of laundry on a daily basis.

4. Money-saving features 

There are some money-saving features that you should look out for in a machine. For example, a delay wash function allows you to set your washing machine to start at a time that suits you. An eco-friendly mode saves electricity, as well as a pre-programmed cycle that will get rid of excess water in the drum to save time and electricity.

5. Water and energy efficiency

When it comes to washing machines, water consumption and waste management deserve the highest priority. Always choose a machine that is energy-efficient, as it will save you money in the long run.

There are many factors to consider when buying a washing machine. Make sure that it will fit into your space, that it has the right load capacity, and that it’s energy-efficient. You can even look at the special features and see what ones you’re most likely to use. If you’re ever in doubt, refer to this washing machine buying guide to make a decision!

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