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Washing machines, how to choose the right size machine for your family

If there’s one thing all families have in common, it is the want to minimise the time doing laundry as much as possible! Washing machines that are too small for a family means weekends full of washing!

Choosing the appropriate size machine for your family will save you time, effort and money.

Sizes are generally measured in the kilograms of the dry load they can efficiently cope with and comfortably clean. For example, 5 dry men’s shirts weigh approximately 1kg and 2 bath towels and a pair of jeans also weighs 1kg.

By this maths, if you are a family of four a 6kg washing machine should cope comfortably with your weekly load of school and sports uniforms!

Make sure you don’t overload your machine!

Regardless of the washing machines capacity it is important not to overload it.

Trying to stuff everything in one load will only result in an exhausted machine that will be put under excess stress, which could result in elements breaking down.

If you are finding clothes are still soiled at the end of a cycle, try reducing the load next time and if this works. If so, it might be time to upgrade your washing machine to a bigger capacity load if you want to cut down on washing time!

If you notice your clothes still not coming out clean even when reducing the load capacity, your machine might not be working as well as it could be and may need to be repaired. An appliance technician such as Bayside Appliance Repairs will be able to work out the complexity of the issues and either suggest a repair, or recommend a new machine, whichever is more cost effective.

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