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What is a drying cabinet? Everything you need to know

Laundry drying cabinets have been popular in European countries for years, but are now becoming more common in Australia. The need for efficient ways to tackle laundry day has led to considerable developments in technology, with the emergence of gleaming appliances that seem to do everything but load themselves. In this blog, we cover what a drying cabinet is, and whether you should consider getting one for your home!

What is a drying cabinet?

A drying cabinet bridges the gap between line and tumble drying. This type of appliance is particularly handy for drying delicate items of clothing, such as silk blouses, coats, and even shoes.

Unlike a normal dryer, you hang your clothes to dry, which means that there’s no tumbling happening. While many modern fibres and clothing designs are well suited to drying in a tumble clothes dryer, there are still some textiles that should not be placed in a clothes dryer. In some cases, these items should simply be allowed to dry on their own while hung up on racks, a process that can take several hours, even overnight, to complete. A drying cabinet allows you to do just that but at a sped-up pace.

Benefits of using drying cabinets for your laundry

The main benefit to a drying cabinet is that they are more gentle on your delicate pieces of clothing. They can help extend the life of your pieces of clothing made of wool, silk, and linen, and also prevent premature aging or cracking of materials such as rubber and leather. They also require less heat than a tumble dryer, saving you money on your next electricity bill.

Cons of using this appliance for your laundry

The main disadvantage to buying a drying cabinet is that it’s still considered a luxury appliance, hence the reason why they come with a higher price tag. Additionally, they do take up more space than your regular washing machine and tumble dryer because they’re made for clothes to dry. If you have a small laundry, you’ll need to take this into consideration before making a decision.

In conclusion, if you have delicate pieces of clothing that would benefit from being dried off slowly, a drying cabinet may be a good investment. It allows you to extend the life of your favourite clothes and also prevents premature wearing of certain items. However, they are definitely an investment, so if your budget is tight, then it might be best to stick to a normal tumble dryer!

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