Brand comparison – our top 3 washing machine picks for 2019

washing machine

If there’s one appliance households can’t live without – it’s the washing machine. With so many choices on the market, which washing machine and specifically which brand should you should opt for can have your head spinning! So which washing machines leave the rest hung out to dry? We compare our top 3 washing machine

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Top load washer v/s front load washer


When purchasing a new washing machine the most common question we first ask is top loader or front loader. Sometimes based on the configuration of your laundry space this question may already be answered for you but if you have the choice and your space can accommodate either a top load washer or a front

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Energy & water ratings on appliances, what do they mean?

energy ratings

We’ve all seen the red or blue star labels on appliances, but what do they really mean and should you invest in those appliances with the best ratings? Energy ratings on appliances are an initiative designed to help consumers make more environmentally friendly choices when choosing their household appliances. What do the energy and water

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Does your dishwasher stink? Here’s what you should do

dishwasher stink

There’s nothing better than a clean kitchen at the end of a meal and we can often thank our dishwasher for helping out!  However, just because dishwashers clean the dishes, it doesn’t mean they clean themselves! To rid dishwasher stink follow our simple cleaning tips. Here’s how to clean your dishwasher: Clean the filters Most

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