Energy & water ratings on appliances, what do they mean?

energy ratings

We’ve all seen the red or blue star labels on appliances, but what do they really mean and should you invest in those appliances with the best ratings? Energy ratings on appliances are an initiative designed to help consumers make more environmentally friendly choices when choosing their household appliances. What do the energy and water

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Does your dishwasher stink? Here’s what you should do

dishwasher stink

There’s nothing better than a clean kitchen at the end of a meal and we can often thank our dishwasher for helping out!  However, just because dishwashers clean the dishes, it doesn’t mean they clean themselves! To rid dishwasher stink follow our simple cleaning tips. Here’s how to clean your dishwasher: Clean the filters Most

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Choosing the right sized washing machine for your family

choosing the right size washing machine

A washing machine too small for your family means weekends full of washing! Washing machines come in a range of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size washing machine for your family will save you time, effort and money! Washing machine sizes are generally measured in kilograms. This isn’t the weight of the washing machine,

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Tips to extend the life of your appliances

All appliances will last a little longer with some TLC. Well looked after appliances means less repair, lower energy usage and ultimately last longer. All of this means serious savings for you on avoidable appliance repairs and replacements! Top tips to look after your appliances Fridge The fridge seal is a major component in keeping

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