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How to clean and maintain your washing machine to avoid a build up of lint and dirt.

Clean your washing machine – it’ll love you for it and will return the favour for many loads to come!

Don’t presume that just because your clothes come out of the washing machine clean that the machine itself doesn’t need to be cleaned – all that dirt from your clothes doesn’t disappear into thin air!

A build up of lint and dirt can stop your machine working as efficiently and also reduce its life expectancy.

How to clean your washing machine to avoid a build up of lint and dirt:

  1. Clean the filters. A build up of lint from your clothes will collect in the filter to keep this from clogging up the machines hoses and pipes. Clean the lint filter regularly (after every second load, at least) to keep the machine working efficiently.
  2. Leave the lid or door open after each wash. After each wash the tub needs to dry thoroughly to reduce a build up of mould or mildew in the tub and around the seals. By keeping the door or lid open it will allow it to dry fully and be fresh for the next wash!
  3. Clean seals. Use a towel and a vinegar solution to clean the rubber seals of your washing machine and tub. This will kill any bacteria and remove any grime that has built up. Cleaning the seals will help keep your machine clean and help the seals work properly!
  4. Do a hot wash. Cold washes may be more energy efficient but every known and again it is advisable to do a hot wash. Whether this be towels, bedding, or running an empty load on hot water even just once a month. The hot water will remove any grime that has built up in hoses and pipes that the cold water can’t bust through.
  5. Wash the machine. Every so often wash your machine on an empty load either will a grocery store brought washing machine cleaner, or a DIY solution of warm water, bi-carb and vinegar. This will remove dirt and grime that may have built up in the tub and the hoses.

By removing lint, dirt and doing a monthly clean of your washing you will keep it in good working order for many washes to come.

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