Dryer safety in the home, the do’s and don’ts.

Your trusty dryer is no doubt one of your favourite appliances.

By using it correctly you can extend the life of the dryer itself as well as your clothing and reduce your energy consumption!

Here we share a few do’s and don’ts to keep it in good, safe working order for years to come!

Dryer Do’s

Keep the filters clean
The lint filter should be cleaned after every load. This not only significantly reduces the risk of your appliance catching fire, but it also ensures the appliance can work effectively.

Allow your dryer to cool

Most drying appliances have a cool down cycle and as tempting as it can be to get your warm clothes out as soon as they are dry, it is important to let your machine work through the cool down cycle and then remove the clothes and spread them out to disperse the heat.

Keep your dryer well maintained

There are some noticeable signs that your appliance needs some love, these include: loud knocks, unusual sounds, or longer than usual drying time. If you suspect your machine isn’t working correctly you should experienced appliance repairer such as Bayside Appliance Repairs.

Dryer Don’ts

Over load your machine
Don’t put all your laundry in the dryer, this is uneconomical and will likely damage your machine or your clothes. Laundry should be sorted into categories so that the correct heat setting can be used, such as towels, bedding, t-shirts & underwear etc.

Use the dryer when out or asleep

As convenient as it may be to put laundry into the machine before you go out so that it’s dry by the time you get home, you should reconsider. 40% of house fires are due to faulty appliances!

Squeeze your dryer into an unsuitable, cluttered space

Your machine will move slightly when in action and it needs room to circulate air all around and under it. Fitting it into a tight space it could cause it to overheat and break down and it becomes a potential fire hazard.

Presume everything is suitable for drying

Always check the labels in clothing to make sure they are suitable for drying as some fabrics aren’t dryer safe, such as wool and silk.

By looking after your machine and operating it correctly it is an appliance which should last for many years.

If you suspect your machine needs maintenance or repair, contact Bayside Appliance Repairs today.




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