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Is your washing machine leaving marks on your clothes?

We depend on our washing machine daily to handle one of our most dreaded chores; washing load after load of dirty laundry! From wet towels, sweaty school uniforms to items that are more delicate; laundry goes in dirty and comes out clean – a washing machine is an appliance that works wonders! When disaster strikes and the laundry is coming out with more marks on clothes than when they went in – it’s time to investigate.

What causes marks on clothes in the washing machine and how to stop it

  1. Fabric softener or detergent. If there is a build-up of either in the drum of your washing machine then not only can this leave marks on clothes, it can cause problems for the machine itself. This build-up is called ‘scrud’ and is more likely if you only wash in cold water as fabric softener and detergent build up.

    How to stop it: To get rid of scrud run an empty cycle on hot overnight with a good detergent. Do this every known and again in between your cold cycles to reduce the amount of build-up. If possible, avoid using fabric softener for every cycle or if you must, use sparingly.

  2. Grease in the drum: If the drum has a build-up of grease from previous loads of washing this can migrate to your clothes.

    How to stop it: Clean the drum on an empty cycle with white vinegar or bleach in place of detergent. Once the cycle is complete, wipe out the drum, door seal, and drainage holes with a clean dry cloth.

  3. Chipped enamel in the drum dispenser: If stains are red, this may be from rust that has formed in the drum.

    How to stop it: Most manufacturers will offer to replace your drum if this is the case so it’s worth checking with them before embarking on a DIY rust fixing job. If you attempt to fix it yourself, you will need to repaint the area. Carefully sand down the rust affected area then use a rust-resistant appliance paint to apply over the chipped area. Allow to dry completely before running a wash cycle.

If all of the above have been addressed and your clothes still aren’t coming out clean then it’s time to call in the professionals to service your machine. An appliance technician will be able to check your machine for faults and repair or advise accordingly!

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