fridge freezing food

Why is my fridge freezing everything?

Have you ever gone to make a salad and found that your lettuce is covered in frost, or even frozen?! It’s quite the mystery when you have made no changes to your fridge’s temperature settings, but suddenly everything seems to be frozen.

If you’ve noticed your fridge seems significantly colder than usual there could be a number of reasons why. Fortunately, it isn’t always because your fridge is faulty. Many reasons why your fridge is suddenly freezing your food are easy to rectify yourself. Before you head off to the appliance store in search of a new fridge, see if any of the following provide you with a quick fix.

Reasons my fridge is freezing and how to fix


First and foremost, check that the temperate settings on your fridge haven’t accidently been altered. If your food is freezing all of a sudden then the temperature may be too low. Most fridges come with a guide as to what temperature you should set your fridge to and where to store certain food items in the fridge as temperatures can differ throughout certain spaces, consult your manufacturers guide for your optimal fridge temperature if you are unsure.


The fridge uses vents to circulate cold air around to maintain a consistent temperature. If these vents are blocked then it inhibits proper air flow between the fridge and the freezer and will mean that your fridge could be exposed to more cold air than usual. Try moving items away from vents to see if this helps regulate the temperature.


If your fridge is full, it is more efficient at absorbing cold air. If the fridge isn’t as full as usual then the cold air will settle at the bottom of the fridge and could freeze the food stored there. You may need to alter the temperature depending on how much food your fridge has in it.

Leaky fridge seals

If the seals on your fridge are leaky or broken then it will have to work harder to maintain a consistent constant temperature. This can lead to your fridge getting too cold and freezing your food. Take some time to check your seals and give them a good clean. If you notice any are worn or torn, replace them and see if this fixes the issue.

If you have tried all of the above and your fridge is still freezing, it may need a service or seals replacing professionally. Have it looked over by a professional who will be able to advise whether repair or replacement of the most cost effective option.

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